News Clippings of the Day

“Newspapers are the mirrors that reflect the progression or the retrogression of the community. We may ascertain the progress or retrogression of a nation by its journalism. If journalists should abide by their duties, they would be the promoters of many virtues among the community. Truth and the virtues would be fostered. This would be so if they carried out the duties incumbent upon them. Journalists must serve truth. Newspapers must investigate the means for the progress of humanity, and publish them. Journalists must write significant articles, articles that shall foster the public welfare. If they do so they will be the highest promoters for the development of the community.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Published in the Philadelphia Ledger, June 10, 1912
Bahaism Founded in Martyrdom, Taking Root Here The New York Times, July 2, 1911 View PDF
Persian Brings Gospel of Love March 27, 1912, Washington DC View PDF
Great Persian Here Baltimore Evening Sun, April 12, 1912 View PDF
Abdul Baha Prays in Ascension Church The New York Times, April 15, 1912 View PDF
Bahai Leader in Pulpit Washington DC Post, April 15, 1912 View PDF
Abdul Baha Abbas Makes First Speech Philadelphia Inquirer, April 15, 1912 View PDF
Head of a New Cult Pittsburg PA Times, April 17, 1912 View PDF
Our New York Letter New York Chronicle, April 21, 1912 View PDF
The Bahai Movement Troy New York Times, May 13, 1912 View PDF
[New York's] Civilization Is Too Material New York Post View PDF
Intellect of Crumbs Alone Kept Women Down New York View PDF
Abdul Baha Sails Away New York City Times, Dec. 6, 1912 View PDF
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