Hussein Ahdieh thanks the many people who have applied their talents and expertise to help make the book 'Abdu'l-Bahá in New York: Centenary of His Visit to America and this website possible. Their persistence and doggged determination have been catalysts in transforming a concept into a lasting reality. Among those who helped as of 1 February 2012 are...

Tahereh Ahdieh
Iraj Ayman
Jack Chang
Anita Chapman
Kristina Golmohamadi
Robert Harris
Kathryn Jewett Hogenson
Iraj Misaghi
Michael L. Penn
Anne Perry
Mike Relph
Pieter Ruiter
Hooshmand Shehberadaran
Mouhebat Sobhani
Robert Stockman
Velimir Tchatchevsky
Christopher White

I would like to extend special thanks to these people...

Rosann Velnich applied her professional skills as a graphic artist to create an engaging multimedia presentation reviving 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Visit to New York. She also restored and and enhanced many of the images on this site and in the book Her Website is

Tatiana Azad Jordan was my right-hand person in making this site a reality. She devoted many hours to researching a wide gamut of subjects and kept the project moving on a day-to-day basis. Her Website is

Robert Hanevold, a professional Web designer and developer, designed and programmed the site, provided the information architecture, and was a dependable source of technical advice. His Website is

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